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Codling moth (Leaflet No. 101)

summarized by Andreas Naef

last update: 25-Jul-2010

Practicability:ready to use
  • Fruit tree plants / Fruit tree plants (NNNOG)
  • Pome fruits / Pomaceous fruit plants (NNNOK)
  • Codling moth / Cydia pomonella (CARPPO)
  • Training material
  • Switzerland

The leaflet contains pictures of the pest and damages as well as information on the biology and direct and indirect measures against  the codling moth.

Language Title Author Date
1frdes pommes et des poires Cydia pomonella (fiche technique no. 101)Höhn H, Charmillot P-J 26/07/10
2deApfelwickler - Carpocapse (Merkblatt 101)Höhn H, Charmillot P-J 26/07/10